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Little Mermaid movie fundraiser

Join our dancers at the Monterey Cinemas in Howick for a personal screening of The Little Mermaid!

Jaye's Dance Little Mermaid Movie Fundraiser

All funds raised will help send our Junior Hip Hop Crew 'Scouts' to Phoenix, Arizona, to compete in the Hip Hop International (HHI) World Hip Hop dance championship. This is the biggest Hip Hop competition in the world with thousands of dancers from 50+ countries competing (only a few dancers are selected to represent Aotearoa).


Tickets: only $25 (including a Choc Top or a Small Drink or Popcorn!)

When: Saturday 17th June - 1pm

Where: Monterey Cinemas, Howick.


And if you can't make it for our Little Mermaid Movie Fundraiser, you can still help Scouts by donating to our Give a Little page:

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